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    IMAGE 365 Daily Devotional (digital/pdf)
This daily devotional is a year long and encourages the reader with daily inspirations to become better spirit, soul and body.

It will take you on a journey of discovery and creatively inspire you to journal, doodle, muse and creatively embrace your exploration. Kerrie's intention for this unique book is that you make it your very own personal uncovering of the truth that lies within you. It will soon become your pathway to a new IMAGE (spirit, soul and body) and you will express creatively who that looks like. It is created for the reader to actively become involved in who they are becoming in a fun and exciting way, igniting the creative image to coincide with the daily devotions.

    Image 52 Weeks to a New You (digital/pdf)
Kerrie has just rewritten her successful book and it now includes many more pages to help your image (spirit, soul and body) become who you were created to be. Each week is another chapter to help your journey of discovery into becoming a better version of you. Uncover who you are by reading the chapter everyday for a week and let it resonate through you as you ponder its truths. Kerrie believes a new image can be found within all of us with right choices and self discipline.

    Image: 52 Weeks To A New You (Paper Back)
If you're looking for a simple yet effective road map to change your life this book is for you. After years of exploration Kerrie's personal insights into the Spirit, Soul, and Body help you identify the little things that make a big difference and help you be all that God intended you to be.

    Image: 52 Weeks To A New You (Audio Book/4cd set)
Listen to author as she reads her book and allows you to experience the true meaning of the words and her inspirational guidance. Accented with additional insights Kerrie's voice brings the chapters to life while she encourages you to keep moving forward on your journey of discovery. Set to music this beautiful audio set can be used as a meditation, prayer, or use it conveniently while driving. You've got to hear it to believe it.

    Image:52 Weeks to a New You [Kindle Edition]
Image is about a journey of discovery to become all you were intended to be. The purpose of fifty-two chapters is so each week a new chapter can bring the reader one step closer to their divine nature. Written in a way that is easily comprehended for application so the reader can find their own self discovery and improvement a joy. Kerrie's heart's desire is for every person to become a better version of themselves and attain the image they deserve. Their very own one of a kind image filled with beauty and purpose.

    Power Of Psalms Complete (Audio Book/4cd set)
The Bible is a collection of books of wisdom, inspiration and one of its greatest books within it is Psalms. Psalms is the largest book in the Bible and probably the most used. Within it are the struggles of life and a God that overcomes them. Kerrie's voice carries the message of this book in a unique way and brings the words to life. This wonderful series will inspire you to reach higher and never give up on your dreams.
Narrated by Kerrie Friend.

    Best of the Power Of Psalms (Audio Book/ 1cd set)
This amazing audio set focuses on the 50 most powerful and popular psalms from the book of Psalms. The experience will motivate and inspire you to fulfill your God given destiny with purpose and direction. In this condensed version you will encounter the power and mercy of God towards us, and perceive His ability to touch and change your heart through His great love and the abounding grace found in Him.
Narrated by Kerrie Friend.

    The Power Of Proverbs (Audio Book/ 1cd set)
Proverbs is referred to as the book of wisdom. While listening to the insightful teachings you will be given the chance to use the wisdom in your everyday life. And while life always presents opportunities to grow and develop this series will help you find the answers you are seeking through the wisdom repeatedly spoken. Repetition is mastery's playground and by listening to the ancient wisdom over and over again you will forever be changed and improved from it.
Narrated by Kerrie Friend.

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