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August 3rd, 2016



Transition is that place between two situations, the place we go through when we are coming out of somewhere or something on our way to somewhere or something else! They’re often a process that is painful, difficult, confusing and slower than we’d like. They can be exciting and scary and something we never envisioned for our life, but once we’ve gone through them we’re onto the next part of our journey. Transitional times like change, are certainly not always fun but they are reality and apart of life. How we cope with them makes all the difference to how we live. When transitions occur we’re often left unsure and unstable with a heightened sense of loss and insecurity. Transitions are usually difficult periods that bring an array of changes and emotions and in these unsettling times whether they have arrived through work, family, location change or other situations that arise during our lifetimes they will definitely test our character. They come along and knock us off balance and before we know it we’re left feeling vulnerable and uncertain we are in fact going to be ok. There may even be times of transition that leave you without hope but those feelings only last if you allow them. You have the power within you to overcome emotional responses by reminding yourself that you’ll make it and this situation and time of transition will pass. Tomorrows can bring renewed hope.


Transitions certainly can hurt but enduring them brings growth in your soul and eventually makes you stronger because of what you have come through. Transition is the ground where character matures and develops through resistance and stress. The more you recognize the process, the more you can embrace your transitional times that ultimately make you a better person. Transitions are opportunities for growth, deepening you through the adversity. Never give up when you’re transitioning from one place to the other or you’ll get stuck going around the same mountain only to end up where you started. Complete the transition so you can begin your next season. Dwelling on the past only keeps you there. Look forward, let your past go and move into your future. You will only ever get so far looking in the rearview mirror, you must now look forward or you’ll only repeat. Give yourself permission to feel the feelings attached to the transition then choose to move on. Maturity and self-discipline propel you to experience dynamic and powerful change while self-pity only cripples your future. Don’t succumb to its allure, instead be brave and courageous and lovingly accept your new reality. While it may look very different to what your life looked like before, it’s time to nurture your new reality. This brings peace and stability as you embrace where you are now on the way to where you’re going.


Your journey will have many twists and turns, valleys and peaks and throughout them transitions happen. Every life encounters them but you can learn to adjust and appreciate the beauty found in them with the right reactions and decisions. Acknowledging they are apart of life will make them easier to cope with as they arrive. Remember you’re not alone because everyone gets their very own serving of transitions as they come with the beautiful gift called life. The more you learn to navigate them the more you will enjoy your journey. Life is precious whether it’s twisting or turning, soaring or falling and transitions are indeed a very big part of the gift.

God bless.


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