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Authentic Image

June 21st, 2016



Authentic Image


What do I mean when I suggest you live an authentic life and be your authentic self? I believe it’s living as authentically as you can while being the person you were always intended to be. Not a replica of someone you admire or think you should become but the person you really are with your very own unique gifting, abilities and desires. Everyone is born with a gift uniquely yours and every living creature has a function on this extraordinary planet including you and me. I call it our “authentic image”. Have you ever considered what yours looks like? Have years of challenges, decisions, living, family responsibilities and so on caused you to bury yours deep within you leaving it unable to flourish? Your authentic image longs to fully express and become what it was always intended to become. Don’t allow circumstances to diminish all you can be in life. Take stock of where you are right now and begin the process of moving toward your authentic image. It’s never too late to begin again and start from right where you are.


We often get so caught up in life we forget what it is that makes us truly happy, the gift deep within us crying out to be expressed and fulfilled. So wherever you are right now, know you have been born at the right place, at the right time, with the right gifts to fulfill a plan that nobody else can but you. You’re one-of-a-kind self -longs to be expressed. Realize you can give the world something nobody else can. You have been gifted and it’s exclusively yours to give. Embracing your uniqueness is one of the most valuable things you will ever do for your authentic image.


Nurture the gift you’ve been given and explore forgotten dreams, arousing new ones and allow these possibilities to connect you to your inner self, your authentic image. This will ignite the treasures that reside in you and will make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling than ever before. You will soon appreciate all the aspects that make you uniquely you, unearthing qualities and activities of expression of sheer delight. The desire to serve others with your newly discovered authenticity will begin to impact your life and you’ll find creative ways to follow your heart and make a difference. While realizing the world does need your authentic image.  


Another beautiful benefit from discovering our uniqueness is that envy will disappear and purpose will rise. No longer will you view others as competition but you’ll see your image as significant and purposeful and you’ll desire to assist not be in rivalry. Others fulfilling their dreams will become important to you! The excavation of your authentic image is beautiful and though it may be buried deep within or have gone unseen for years the process of uncovering abandoned dreams and unfulfilled purpose will explode your spirit and awaken your soul to new beginnings and unleash your glory.


Finding the gift inside you reveals your hidden treasure, the unveiling of your uniqueness. Sadly many live lives never intended for them. They resisted risk and settle for average. It takes courage to transform and fearing change permits no change but being brave captures an authentic image.


Now take time to ponder dreams and desires to support this new journey. Pray, meditate and journal your way through this new landscape of your life and see your authentic image begin to thrive. Include details about how you can give flight to those buried desires. This will inspire you to live authentically based on the gifts individually placed within you. You are only choices away from a new you but like any dream it will take courage to bring it to life.


God bless





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