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As 2016 has now rolled into full action with a quarter of it already gone now is a perfect time to take an inventory of your image and what needs to stay and what needs to go? It’s a perfect time to reevaluate what’s important and what’s not? You may well be saying what’s this got to do with the best spa’s in Noosa? Well the truth is I’m a big believer in how we take care of ourself reflecting in almost every area of our life and certainly allows our image to flourish or shrink.Sadly many don’t see taking care of themselves of any great value when actually it’s an imperative ingredient to living a happy life. Not only do many not see taking care of their spirit, soul and body (image) as necessary but add a little pampering to the mix and you’ve lost them. Trust me a little bit of loving on yourself goes a very long way. Nurture yourself with rest, exercise, you time, create a healthy lifestyle and include a spiritual life and you’ll find your image will transform. 

One of the most enjoyable ways to love on yourself is with a visit to a beauty spa and in Noosa (my home) there are some of the best in Australia. So whether you’re visiting or are blessed to live here, read on and be inspired to reconnect with your soul, pamper your body and be rejuvenated. I was given blogging invitations to my favourite three spa’s in Noosa and they were such a treat I wanted to share my experiences with you to give you some ideas on how to make taking care of yourself a priority.Feet Copy

My first stop was the glorious Noosa Springs Spa located in The Noosa Springs Golf and Tennis resort, a beautiful complex of relaxation to unwind and escape. I began in the tranquil relaxation lounge before I ventured into for my first time in the sensational floatation experience, a 55 minute indulgence in a private room with my very own floatation pool. I quickly became a believer in the floatation pool experience where research shows that one hour in this type of pool is equivalient to 6hrs of rest. It is magnificant and the detoxification that occurrs naturally from the magnesium in it is incredible. Next was the hydro massage and steam expeirnce for 45 mins where srong jets placed throughout the pool massaged my body while massaging my cares away and giving my circulation a giant boost. With a steam experience included I was then completely relaxed and refreshed ready for the final part of this amazing visit. My facialist chose the Age Corrective Facial that lasted a glorious 55 minutes. My skin was nourished. comforted and replenished while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. My skin was examined beforehand and products chosen to best suit my needs! This was one of the best facials I have ever had anywhere in the world. My visit to the Noosa Springs Spa was not only memorable, more importantly  it was beneficial. I’ll be back asap!!!


Next nurturing came from the award winning RACV Noosa Resort where One Spa lives. The lovely manager suggested what’s called  ”A Taster” created for those who don’t want to spend a long time at the spa but want alot of the same benefits. An resourceful hour of bliss where you get to choose two treatemnts. Of course all of the familiar offerings still exist there but this is a fabulous idea for those with limited time. An added bonus is this team has a wealth of holistic tresments that helps refocus your health and well being and are more than helpful with any questions you may have about this area. But back to my Taster (hour of indulgence)! I chose a hydrating facial and massage. My journey began with a lovely ginger tea in the relaxation room then i was whisked away for my massage, reviving my body and destressing my mind. The facial I went with was a brightening facial to bring out my skin’s natural glow and restore smoothness and a youthful experience. Both were sensational and I walked out in just over an hour feeling like i’d spent the entire afternoon being pampered. The One Taster had me at hello and i didn’t want to say goodbye. At only $99 it’s worth every dollar. A wonderful creation especially when time is of the essence.

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My final offering was to the unequalled Ikatan Spa (Balinease day spa). Now I don’t mean to sound like Molly (Meldrum) here but “Do yourself a favour” and book an Ikatan experience. This slice of heaven is only ten minutes drive from Noosa and is set in glorous balinese type gardens where you’ll be transported to such an ideallic place you simply won’t want to leave. Ikatan prides itself on healing the soul, listening to the heart and purifying the senses. The setting alone is worht the visit but add to it the variety and immense pleasure of the treaments and it’s a never forget experience. Ikatan’s owner Katrina Thorpe is a very hands on owner and she is justiviably proud of her slice of heaven on earth. While there are an array of treaments i could have chosen mine came from her highly recommended suggestion. It was the new addition javenese lulur wrap and massage 90 minutes of pampering that was beyond my already very high expectation.I was maasaged with lulur oil then scrubbed with a body scrub receives from the places of java with tumeric and jasmine in my private balinese hut. This oil I was informed has been used by women for centuries to beautify and nourish their skin. After a very theraputic massage I showered and returned to be beautifully pampered once again with the soft and alluring lulur body lotion to complete this luxurious experience.Ikatan is a very special place created to pamper, help, rejuvenate and replenish our image. It is iisted in Australia’s top 5 Destination spa’s and it’s easy to see why. It’s Indonesian for “a connection” and Balinese for “be hand”. The only thing I’d add to this is it could be “Australian for “Amazing”! I love Ikatan and I will be one of their regular’s forever.

I hope i’ve inspired you to make visiitng spa’s a must do! It will make a difference to your image and your life I guarantee it.

Be Blessed,

Love Kerrie


www.RACV.com.au     www.NoosaSprings.com.au     www.Ikatan.com





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