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Anxiety Free Living

November 29th, 2016

“Be Anxious About Nothing”

Many of you might be surprised to read that years ago I spent the majority of my life in a fairly constant state of anxiety and stress. I look back on those days with such relief now because I have been delivered from this debilitating cycle. It is very real and we must understand it before we can ever deal with it. Some of you maybe wondering if you fall into this category of constant worrier, anxious person or wonder if you’ll ever be free from it. I was concerned about everything and everyone and always tried to control everything in my life so I wouldn’t be disappointed. There lies a very big problem. Life happens to all of us and ultimately it’s how we cope with what happens to us that determines our level of anxiety or joy.

We live in a world with many stresses, sadness and confusion yet we must live filled with hope and appreciation if we’re ever going to enjoy our journey. Life is beautiful yet many constantly see only the bad and forget that life itself is a gift. Don’t think I live with my head in the sand. There are plenty of extremely terrible situations that are happening especially in the days we are living. But we can’t just base our life on these because there are also plenty of beautiful things happening everyday too. The sun comes up, we get to live life, and precious things all over the world are happening. What we focus on determines our happiness. Take stock of what you are choosing to focus on and your life will suddenly become not only more joyful, but you’ll find you will want to create this habit of looking for the good and not allowing the bad to take root within your soul and forge a pathway of anxiety. Anxiety causes unhappiness and agitation and is devastating to our soul. There are many different reasons people suffer from anxiety but the result is a life of worry, sorrow and pain. While some will have to recognize they need extra help with their anxiety a lot of you can retrain your heart to live with thankfulness for your life which will help you rediscover the beauty of life itself. Your life is precious.

Your life should be enjoyed not suffered through in constant concern and anguish. Most studies of anxiety show that the majority of people worry about things that will never happen. It’s in the 90% range that what we worry about rarely happens. It’s refreshing to know that because we are often positive they will happen. But this proves the lies that frequently flood our hearts and minds are incorrect.

My victory over anxiety came when I began to trust that God would take care of my concerns and I let go of trying to control everything and instead began trusting. This way of living takes an immense amount of pressure off and allows you to see the beauty in life not hopelessness. While it takes an amount of self-discipline and courage you can then remain steadfast and stable rather than anxious and fearful. This may not happen overnight, sometimes it does, but mostly it won’t, but stick at it and in time you’ll make more and more headway in losing your anxious ways and gaining a more trusting life. Anxiety crushes our world and its bondage drains our spirit, soul and body.

Are you tied up in knots about what might or might not happen? Do you feel hopeless, out of control, and weary from anxiety choking your life? Then you must make a choice to become proactive and not reactive and learn to trust. I understand firsthand how difficult this can be but there is no other way to fight anxiety and be delivered.

If you have ever spoken to someone who has a physical challenge they are very often more happy than those of us who don’t have one. I believe it’s because they appreciate more keenly life itself. They take their challenge and make it a strength and are more thankful than those without the physical challenges.

Keep your focus on the now, and not the past or the future, because this helps keep anxiety in perspective. We are given grace for today, not tomorrow or yesterday, so don’t fret away today being anxious for tomorrow. Hold onto today with all of your heart because it’s a gift. And never wait for someone or something to make you happy and take away your anxiety. You could be waiting a very longtime, rather trust and live appreciatively then you can begin living an anxiety free life.
God bless.

*If you are suffering with deep anxiety please seek some kind of professional help and if you know someone who you think is suffering please ask them if they are ok?