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February 2nd, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to ImageTV a place designed to help you become all you were intended to be and change your image from the inside out.

Over the past decade I’ve written books “Image:52 Weeks to a New You”, “Image:365 Daily Devotional” and just released  ”The 7 Pillars of Image” along with hundreds of “Image” (spirit, soul and body) articles for newspapers and magazines globally. All to inspire, encourage and transform your image and create a life you love.

It was through my personal desire to change my very own image that “Image” was birthed.

I’m so excited you’re joining me to begin your own journey of discovery and transformation (IMAGE:Identification, Metamorphosis, Appearance, Grace & Encouragement).

I hope you visit often and get inspired and challenged to change from within your spirit, soul and body and then believe in it to help me spread my “Image” message of  hope for a new beginning to your family and friends.

There will be tips and information to help you become the person you were always intended to be and soon “ImageTV” will begin filming my web serie filming all over Australia and beyond. Be sure to sign up for my subscription newsletter to be included in all things “Image” with some very special offerings along the way. This will also have personal messages from me about my books and anything else I desire to share with you that I think you might enjoy.

The store section has all of my books in all formats and a variety of image merchandise that continues to expand with more products all to enhance your image. And my blogs about image, places, products and people all to help your image is an addition I am thoroughly enjoying bringing to you and  will be expanding in 2016.

ImageTV is all about you so please get involved and ask me questions, share thoughts, ideas, invite others and together we can spread the good news of an authentic transformation spirit, soul and body.

You cannot live in the past and move into your future, it’s time to let go of your old image and grow into your new one.

I’m blessed that you’ve taken this first step …. now let’s take the next one together and begin creating the life and image you’ve always dreamed of having.

With LOVE,