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“The Best IMAGE Sunshine Coast Spa’s 2017″

A part of my life that I truly love is writing about places & products I believe in and that have the stamp of Image approval all over them.

One such place is “Soul Skin & Spa” located a short but beautiful drive just fifteen minutes from my beloved home Noosa. It’s a tranquil place to relax, revive and renew spirit, soul and body. A world of beauty, health and healing and it had me at hello!

Owner Jenny Leis-Taylor offers bridal & baby showers, birthdays, Christmas & other parties. Participants pay just $120 per head that includes a treatment from her list of offerings, the use of the infrared sauna, spa and the lovely pool and surroundings nestled in bushland, making for a unique and gorgeous gathering place. You can also BYO & bring nibbles or arrange catering through Soul Skin.
One of the things that sets it apart is the specialized spa treatments that embrace a new level of wellness with a holistic approach to beauty using organic skincare with personalized natural remedies of Australian wildflowers, aromatherapy oils and Ayurvedic treatments. You will feel healed from the inside out and balanced with a renewed, youthful vitality.

I was treated to the “Signature Soul & Skin Spa” treatment that exceeded all of my expectations. It lasted 100 minutes and included a facial, back, shoulder, foot, hand and scalp massage and an energy healing chakra balance. Divine! And while there are many treatments to choose from I highly recommend this one, it left me feeling like a new woman. A visit if you are in the Sunshine Coast area is an absolute MUST!

Visit soulskinspa.com.au and the lovely Jenny will take very good care of all your needs.

Next I was off to a surprise find, “Mia Bella Beauty” in the Kawana Shopping World (yes you read right), a spa in a mall. I was eager to see it and loved my experience at this sweetly appointed and well educated spa. And for those of you who love convenience it’s definitely for you. Kerry and her wonderful staff are all outstanding .
They are focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction.
Mia Bella Beauty offers many outstanding treatments including eyebrow shaping and tints, spray tans, eyebrow feathering, waxing (female and male), mani & pedi’s, facials (express and classic), skin tightening, massage, micro dermabrasion, peels and photo rejuvenation. This friendly salon has something for everybody and is a wonderful addition to a holiday or becoming your favourite local beauty hangout.

Kerry chose a customized “High Performance Facial” for me that was 45 minutes of results driven bliss. At only $99 it leaves the face and neck supremely restored and rejuvenated. Sonopherisis and cold therapy are used in this advanced and customized facial to help eliminate dehydration, acne, sensitivity and ageing. My skin felt dramatically improved and with their product of choice (Dermalogica) the results were nothing less than extraordinary for such little time investment. My therapist used a small handheld tool to infuse the product even deeper into the skin with ultrasound technology providing a very state of the art experience with extra beneficial results.

Visit miabellabeauty.com she is delightful and in a class all of her own

Some might say I saved the best ’til last, Ikatan is certainly a favourite amongst locals, returning visitors from all over the world, myself included. Voted 4 times the “Best Destination Spa” in Australia and listed by Trip Advisor as one of the best things to do in Noosa. And is often referred to as the “Best Spa on the Sunshine Coast”.

Ikatan is the only luxury spa on the coast that offers an authentic Asian Spa experience with traditional Balinese massage and body treatments along with glorious facials and has a heavenly garden area for feet, hand and head treatments where you can sip on herbal tea while watching the world float by. You can also arrange to have food and drink included in your visit. The gardens are blissful and you won’t want to leave.

Owner Katrina Thorpe and her incredible staff help you step into a world far, far away with ease as you drift into a state of complete relaxation and new beginnings. I was given the Balinese massage that included 90 minutes of pure luxury and pleasure. It combined a blend of long flowing strokes and stretching by the therapist with aroma oil and massage to release the mind and relax the body. She then added an anti-ageing oil that complimented my heavenly experience. Everytime i visit here I fall more in love with it. It is outstanding and there’s no surprise that it wins award after award.
Garden Copy
A visit to Ikatan is everything you can imagine and so much more. For all treatment details and to make a booking visit ikatan.com.au You can thank me later!

I’m a big believer in beauty and health spa’s, they awaken our inner being to our beauty within. So go ahead and make some plans, you’re so very worth it.

God bless


Anxiety Free Living

November 29th, 2016

“Be Anxious About Nothing”

Many of you might be surprised to read that years ago I spent the majority of my life in a fairly constant state of anxiety and stress. I look back on those days with such relief now because I have been delivered from this debilitating cycle. It is very real and we must understand it before we can ever deal with it. Some of you maybe wondering if you fall into this category of constant worrier, anxious person or wonder if you’ll ever be free from it. I was concerned about everything and everyone and always tried to control everything in my life so I wouldn’t be disappointed. There lies a very big problem. Life happens to all of us and ultimately it’s how we cope with what happens to us that determines our level of anxiety or joy.

We live in a world with many stresses, sadness and confusion yet we must live filled with hope and appreciation if we’re ever going to enjoy our journey. Life is beautiful yet many constantly see only the bad and forget that life itself is a gift. Don’t think I live with my head in the sand. There are plenty of extremely terrible situations that are happening especially in the days we are living. But we can’t just base our life on these because there are also plenty of beautiful things happening everyday too. The sun comes up, we get to live life, and precious things all over the world are happening. What we focus on determines our happiness. Take stock of what you are choosing to focus on and your life will suddenly become not only more joyful, but you’ll find you will want to create this habit of looking for the good and not allowing the bad to take root within your soul and forge a pathway of anxiety. Anxiety causes unhappiness and agitation and is devastating to our soul. There are many different reasons people suffer from anxiety but the result is a life of worry, sorrow and pain. While some will have to recognize they need extra help with their anxiety a lot of you can retrain your heart to live with thankfulness for your life which will help you rediscover the beauty of life itself. Your life is precious.

Your life should be enjoyed not suffered through in constant concern and anguish. Most studies of anxiety show that the majority of people worry about things that will never happen. It’s in the 90% range that what we worry about rarely happens. It’s refreshing to know that because we are often positive they will happen. But this proves the lies that frequently flood our hearts and minds are incorrect.

My victory over anxiety came when I began to trust that God would take care of my concerns and I let go of trying to control everything and instead began trusting. This way of living takes an immense amount of pressure off and allows you to see the beauty in life not hopelessness. While it takes an amount of self-discipline and courage you can then remain steadfast and stable rather than anxious and fearful. This may not happen overnight, sometimes it does, but mostly it won’t, but stick at it and in time you’ll make more and more headway in losing your anxious ways and gaining a more trusting life. Anxiety crushes our world and its bondage drains our spirit, soul and body.

Are you tied up in knots about what might or might not happen? Do you feel hopeless, out of control, and weary from anxiety choking your life? Then you must make a choice to become proactive and not reactive and learn to trust. I understand firsthand how difficult this can be but there is no other way to fight anxiety and be delivered.

If you have ever spoken to someone who has a physical challenge they are very often more happy than those of us who don’t have one. I believe it’s because they appreciate more keenly life itself. They take their challenge and make it a strength and are more thankful than those without the physical challenges.

Keep your focus on the now, and not the past or the future, because this helps keep anxiety in perspective. We are given grace for today, not tomorrow or yesterday, so don’t fret away today being anxious for tomorrow. Hold onto today with all of your heart because it’s a gift. And never wait for someone or something to make you happy and take away your anxiety. You could be waiting a very longtime, rather trust and live appreciatively then you can begin living an anxiety free life.
God bless.

*If you are suffering with deep anxiety please seek some kind of professional help and if you know someone who you think is suffering please ask them if they are ok?


Image is filled with new ideas, inspirations and thoughts to create a life and image you love. Here is a video on one of my most favourite places I’ve ever been. It is located  on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia and is a feast for your heart and soul. Enjoy!




August 3rd, 2016



Transition is that place between two situations, the place we go through when we are coming out of somewhere or something on our way to somewhere or something else! They’re often a process that is painful, difficult, confusing and slower than we’d like. They can be exciting and scary and something we never envisioned for our life, but once we’ve gone through them we’re onto the next part of our journey. Transitional times like change, are certainly not always fun but they are reality and apart of life. How we cope with them makes all the difference to how we live. When transitions occur we’re often left unsure and unstable with a heightened sense of loss and insecurity. Transitions are usually difficult periods that bring an array of changes and emotions and in these unsettling times whether they have arrived through work, family, location change or other situations that arise during our lifetimes they will definitely test our character. They come along and knock us off balance and before we know it we’re left feeling vulnerable and uncertain we are in fact going to be ok. There may even be times of transition that leave you without hope but those feelings only last if you allow them. You have the power within you to overcome emotional responses by reminding yourself that you’ll make it and this situation and time of transition will pass. Tomorrows can bring renewed hope.


Transitions certainly can hurt but enduring them brings growth in your soul and eventually makes you stronger because of what you have come through. Transition is the ground where character matures and develops through resistance and stress. The more you recognize the process, the more you can embrace your transitional times that ultimately make you a better person. Transitions are opportunities for growth, deepening you through the adversity. Never give up when you’re transitioning from one place to the other or you’ll get stuck going around the same mountain only to end up where you started. Complete the transition so you can begin your next season. Dwelling on the past only keeps you there. Look forward, let your past go and move into your future. You will only ever get so far looking in the rearview mirror, you must now look forward or you’ll only repeat. Give yourself permission to feel the feelings attached to the transition then choose to move on. Maturity and self-discipline propel you to experience dynamic and powerful change while self-pity only cripples your future. Don’t succumb to its allure, instead be brave and courageous and lovingly accept your new reality. While it may look very different to what your life looked like before, it’s time to nurture your new reality. This brings peace and stability as you embrace where you are now on the way to where you’re going.


Your journey will have many twists and turns, valleys and peaks and throughout them transitions happen. Every life encounters them but you can learn to adjust and appreciate the beauty found in them with the right reactions and decisions. Acknowledging they are apart of life will make them easier to cope with as they arrive. Remember you’re not alone because everyone gets their very own serving of transitions as they come with the beautiful gift called life. The more you learn to navigate them the more you will enjoy your journey. Life is precious whether it’s twisting or turning, soaring or falling and transitions are indeed a very big part of the gift.

God bless.


My books “Image: 52 Weeks to a New You”, “Image: 365 daily Devotional” and “Image:The 7 Pillars” are available at Amazon, Kindle, Ibooks or through my website www.ImageTV.us


Authentic Image

June 21st, 2016



Authentic Image


What do I mean when I suggest you live an authentic life and be your authentic self? I believe it’s living as authentically as you can while being the person you were always intended to be. Not a replica of someone you admire or think you should become but the person you really are with your very own unique gifting, abilities and desires. Everyone is born with a gift uniquely yours and every living creature has a function on this extraordinary planet including you and me. I call it our “authentic image”. Have you ever considered what yours looks like? Have years of challenges, decisions, living, family responsibilities and so on caused you to bury yours deep within you leaving it unable to flourish? Your authentic image longs to fully express and become what it was always intended to become. Don’t allow circumstances to diminish all you can be in life. Take stock of where you are right now and begin the process of moving toward your authentic image. It’s never too late to begin again and start from right where you are.


We often get so caught up in life we forget what it is that makes us truly happy, the gift deep within us crying out to be expressed and fulfilled. So wherever you are right now, know you have been born at the right place, at the right time, with the right gifts to fulfill a plan that nobody else can but you. You’re one-of-a-kind self -longs to be expressed. Realize you can give the world something nobody else can. You have been gifted and it’s exclusively yours to give. Embracing your uniqueness is one of the most valuable things you will ever do for your authentic image.


Nurture the gift you’ve been given and explore forgotten dreams, arousing new ones and allow these possibilities to connect you to your inner self, your authentic image. This will ignite the treasures that reside in you and will make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling than ever before. You will soon appreciate all the aspects that make you uniquely you, unearthing qualities and activities of expression of sheer delight. The desire to serve others with your newly discovered authenticity will begin to impact your life and you’ll find creative ways to follow your heart and make a difference. While realizing the world does need your authentic image.  


Another beautiful benefit from discovering our uniqueness is that envy will disappear and purpose will rise. No longer will you view others as competition but you’ll see your image as significant and purposeful and you’ll desire to assist not be in rivalry. Others fulfilling their dreams will become important to you! The excavation of your authentic image is beautiful and though it may be buried deep within or have gone unseen for years the process of uncovering abandoned dreams and unfulfilled purpose will explode your spirit and awaken your soul to new beginnings and unleash your glory.


Finding the gift inside you reveals your hidden treasure, the unveiling of your uniqueness. Sadly many live lives never intended for them. They resisted risk and settle for average. It takes courage to transform and fearing change permits no change but being brave captures an authentic image.


Now take time to ponder dreams and desires to support this new journey. Pray, meditate and journal your way through this new landscape of your life and see your authentic image begin to thrive. Include details about how you can give flight to those buried desires. This will inspire you to live authentically based on the gifts individually placed within you. You are only choices away from a new you but like any dream it will take courage to bring it to life.


God bless






As 2016 has now rolled into full action with a quarter of it already gone now is a perfect time to take an inventory of your image and what needs to stay and what needs to go? It’s a perfect time to reevaluate what’s important and what’s not? You may well be saying what’s this got to do with the best spa’s in Noosa? Well the truth is I’m a big believer in how we take care of ourself reflecting in almost every area of our life and certainly allows our image to flourish or shrink.Sadly many don’t see taking care of themselves of any great value when actually it’s an imperative ingredient to living a happy life. Not only do many not see taking care of their spirit, soul and body (image) as necessary but add a little pampering to the mix and you’ve lost them. Trust me a little bit of loving on yourself goes a very long way. Nurture yourself with rest, exercise, you time, create a healthy lifestyle and include a spiritual life and you’ll find your image will transform. 

One of the most enjoyable ways to love on yourself is with a visit to a beauty spa and in Noosa (my home) there are some of the best in Australia. So whether you’re visiting or are blessed to live here, read on and be inspired to reconnect with your soul, pamper your body and be rejuvenated. I was given blogging invitations to my favourite three spa’s in Noosa and they were such a treat I wanted to share my experiences with you to give you some ideas on how to make taking care of yourself a priority.Feet Copy

My first stop was the glorious Noosa Springs Spa located in The Noosa Springs Golf and Tennis resort, a beautiful complex of relaxation to unwind and escape. I began in the tranquil relaxation lounge before I ventured into for my first time in the sensational floatation experience, a 55 minute indulgence in a private room with my very own floatation pool. I quickly became a believer in the floatation pool experience where research shows that one hour in this type of pool is equivalient to 6hrs of rest. It is magnificant and the detoxification that occurrs naturally from the magnesium in it is incredible. Next was the hydro massage and steam expeirnce for 45 mins where srong jets placed throughout the pool massaged my body while massaging my cares away and giving my circulation a giant boost. With a steam experience included I was then completely relaxed and refreshed ready for the final part of this amazing visit. My facialist chose the Age Corrective Facial that lasted a glorious 55 minutes. My skin was nourished. comforted and replenished while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. My skin was examined beforehand and products chosen to best suit my needs! This was one of the best facials I have ever had anywhere in the world. My visit to the Noosa Springs Spa was not only memorable, more importantly  it was beneficial. I’ll be back asap!!!


Next nurturing came from the award winning RACV Noosa Resort where One Spa lives. The lovely manager suggested what’s called  ”A Taster” created for those who don’t want to spend a long time at the spa but want alot of the same benefits. An resourceful hour of bliss where you get to choose two treatemnts. Of course all of the familiar offerings still exist there but this is a fabulous idea for those with limited time. An added bonus is this team has a wealth of holistic tresments that helps refocus your health and well being and are more than helpful with any questions you may have about this area. But back to my Taster (hour of indulgence)! I chose a hydrating facial and massage. My journey began with a lovely ginger tea in the relaxation room then i was whisked away for my massage, reviving my body and destressing my mind. The facial I went with was a brightening facial to bring out my skin’s natural glow and restore smoothness and a youthful experience. Both were sensational and I walked out in just over an hour feeling like i’d spent the entire afternoon being pampered. The One Taster had me at hello and i didn’t want to say goodbye. At only $99 it’s worth every dollar. A wonderful creation especially when time is of the essence.

Garden Copy

My final offering was to the unequalled Ikatan Spa (Balinease day spa). Now I don’t mean to sound like Molly (Meldrum) here but “Do yourself a favour” and book an Ikatan experience. This slice of heaven is only ten minutes drive from Noosa and is set in glorous balinese type gardens where you’ll be transported to such an ideallic place you simply won’t want to leave. Ikatan prides itself on healing the soul, listening to the heart and purifying the senses. The setting alone is worht the visit but add to it the variety and immense pleasure of the treaments and it’s a never forget experience. Ikatan’s owner Katrina Thorpe is a very hands on owner and she is justiviably proud of her slice of heaven on earth. While there are an array of treaments i could have chosen mine came from her highly recommended suggestion. It was the new addition javenese lulur wrap and massage 90 minutes of pampering that was beyond my already very high expectation.I was maasaged with lulur oil then scrubbed with a body scrub receives from the places of java with tumeric and jasmine in my private balinese hut. This oil I was informed has been used by women for centuries to beautify and nourish their skin. After a very theraputic massage I showered and returned to be beautifully pampered once again with the soft and alluring lulur body lotion to complete this luxurious experience.Ikatan is a very special place created to pamper, help, rejuvenate and replenish our image. It is iisted in Australia’s top 5 Destination spa’s and it’s easy to see why. It’s Indonesian for “a connection” and Balinese for “be hand”. The only thing I’d add to this is it could be “Australian for “Amazing”! I love Ikatan and I will be one of their regular’s forever.

I hope i’ve inspired you to make visiitng spa’s a must do! It will make a difference to your image and your life I guarantee it.

Be Blessed,

Love Kerrie


www.RACV.com.au     www.NoosaSprings.com.au     www.Ikatan.com






February 2nd, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to ImageTV a place designed to help you become all you were intended to be and change your image from the inside out.

Over the past decade I’ve written books “Image:52 Weeks to a New You”, “Image:365 Daily Devotional” and just released  ”The 7 Pillars of Image” along with hundreds of “Image” (spirit, soul and body) articles for newspapers and magazines globally. All to inspire, encourage and transform your image and create a life you love.

It was through my personal desire to change my very own image that “Image” was birthed.

I’m so excited you’re joining me to begin your own journey of discovery and transformation (IMAGE:Identification, Metamorphosis, Appearance, Grace & Encouragement).

I hope you visit often and get inspired and challenged to change from within your spirit, soul and body and then believe in it to help me spread my “Image” message of  hope for a new beginning to your family and friends.

There will be tips and information to help you become the person you were always intended to be and soon “ImageTV” will begin filming my web serie filming all over Australia and beyond. Be sure to sign up for my subscription newsletter to be included in all things “Image” with some very special offerings along the way. This will also have personal messages from me about my books and anything else I desire to share with you that I think you might enjoy.

The store section has all of my books in all formats and a variety of image merchandise that continues to expand with more products all to enhance your image. And my blogs about image, places, products and people all to help your image is an addition I am thoroughly enjoying bringing to you and  will be expanding in 2016.

ImageTV is all about you so please get involved and ask me questions, share thoughts, ideas, invite others and together we can spread the good news of an authentic transformation spirit, soul and body.

You cannot live in the past and move into your future, it’s time to let go of your old image and grow into your new one.

I’m blessed that you’ve taken this first step …. now let’s take the next one together and begin creating the life and image you’ve always dreamed of having.

With LOVE,




Many people have asked me where my “Image” brand came from, so I thought i’d take a moment to explain how “Image” was birthed.

It came from my desire to live a happy, purposeful, inspired life. I have been writing “Image” articles for over a decade being published in various magazines and newspapers worldwide and have authored three books, ‘image 52 Weeks To A New You”, Image:A Daily Devotional” and my recently released “The 7 Pillars of Image”. They all sell globally through Amazon, Kindle, Ibooks, Kobo, Nook, a variety of bookstores, churches and my website www.ImageTV.us. I feel tremendously blessed knowing people around the world are enjoying my books and writing.

IMAGE came from many years of personal seeking of happiness and contentment. i had so many questions about finding out if this happiness was possible consisntently and not fleetingly and found the answers were within my image (spirit, soul and body). My quest to search for the answers was born out of my desire to be happy. My books emerged from my successful “Image” column in an Australian regional newspaper “The Noosa Journal” where I had written weekly for over 4 years approximantley 200 articles on taking care of ourselves spirit, soul and body. It was through this self examination I began to find lasting joy.

My writing came about because I realized the things i’d been learning about myself might help others. We are all works in progress and no one is perfect but when our desire is to become better versions of ourselves we begin to enjoy ourselves and life more. My books are definitely not for anyone who’s not willing to change and grow but for those of you who are I believe you will enjoy the challenge within them.

My books are designed with you in mind to help and guide you to find your own answers. I may not have all of the answers but I know through them you will uncover a happy version of yourself. While we all encounter trials and tribulations, up and downs, disappointments and even tragedy may sadly come our way, my books will help you learn to remain ssecure through them all.

My first book “Image:52 Weeks to a New You” was recently republished with additional pages added. I encourage you to read it through once then go back and read a chapter a week for a year. Meditate, journal, pray, ponder and muse as you read through the weekly chapters. It’s not designed to be read quickly but to be digested.

“Image: 365 Daily Devotional” is a year long scrapbooking, journaling, meditation, prayer and creative, colouring book to help you change your image & life from within. It was created for the reader to explore and express their changes and growth and by the end of the year have a sacred expression of the excavation and exploration they have unearthed from within their image (spirit, soul and body). I love scrapbooking and this book is my IMAGE rendition (if you buy it in Kindle or ebook form be sure to get a beautiful journal/scrapbook to go along with it) and enjoy the process of discovering your image through the pages.

My recently released new book “The 7 Pillars of Image” is a continuation of the unveiling of your image through seven chapters that I know will help you live the life you have always imagined you could live. I am very excited about its release and as many are now doing already I encourage you to buy all three as a giftset. They really do compliment each other and can be read in any order.

Happy reading, creative exploring and expressing everyone!

Whenever I sit down to write, i have you in my heart so if you have any questions or enquiries please drop me an email to kerrie@keriefriend.com or through my social media (FB,Twitter, Instagram,Pinterest).

Many Blessings,





Just over 30 days ago I was sent the most beautiful organic skincare range from the company Ann Marie Gianni in CA/USA. These glorious products are entirely organic and wonderfully wild. Natural products that have dramatically transformed my skin from the inside out. This skincare is made from organic ingredients that you can trust and as I say when trying new products if I can eat it I can put it on my skin and Ann Marie Gianni ensures you can rest asured it’s absolutely unharmful to you. They give your skin a healthy glow while feeling nourished from within, embody organic, are free from harmful synthetic chemicals and work to ensure your skin is rejuvenated like never before. What’s put into this organic skincare are all natural ingredients, high quality and have signficantly improved the texture and appearance of my skin. They are not only good for your skin they smell divine too. I used the anti ageing line and they have skincare for almost every skin condition. It is a very extensive and impressive range and my skin is glowing in a very healthy way, feels nourished and smoother than before. The range is pure and heavenly and offers an aromatherapy skincae experience at its finest. Every product exceeded my expectation, are amazing and perform their advertised functions completely.

My Ann Marie Gianni routine consists of using the aloe herb facial cleanser (suitable for all skin types), it soothes my skin with the vitamin E anti-oxidants found in it, helping to prevent and repair my free radical damage and a little goes along way which is a nice bonus. My face and neck appear much smoother and clearer from using this product. Next is their Neroli toning mist with its perfect ph balance soothes my skin also, giving it a boost of hydration and I have noticed my pores are signicantly reduced. Its key ingredient Neroli hydras (orange blossom distillate) has been used historically as a mood enhancer so it has a calming result which is a beautiful addition. I also use it before I put on makeup and it makes it stays on longer throughout the day or night. It allows my makeup to set natually and gives it an overall fresher appearance.

To compliment the cleanser and toner I use the anti ageing facial oil for dry and mature skin. Its blend of healing herbs, anti-oxidants and nourishing oils restore my skins more youthful appearance and I have noticed a significant reduction of fine lines. And who doesn’t love that! The anti-oxidants in it give my skin a powerful boost while the two key ingredients chia seed oil and carrot seed oil have rejuvenated my skin. I have used these products day and night for over 30 days now and my skin’s appearance is glowing with a natural radiance that wasn’t there prior to using them.

I intentionally swap between the anti ageing facial oil and the anti aging serum every other night. They have increased my skins moisture and boosted my collagen that diminshes with age. These two products sooth and smooth your skin and found in the serum are many unique ingredients not found in other products of its kind such as a type of sunflower extract that prolongs and regenerates the skin cells and flaxseed to calm the skin and support cell communication resulting in a diminishing of fine lines. I am addicted ot these two products and have bought them as gifts for many of my friends.

The eye cream offering is simply amazing and used day and night hydrates, regenerates and soothes the delicate skin around the eye. It is a glorious blend of cucumber to cool and restore, green tea for anti-oxidant protection and herbs including echinacea to hydrate the damaged eye area. It will soften your eye area lines and lessen any dark circles and puffiness. What a product!!! Sensational!!

Finally the two masks I’ve been using are the dead sea facial scrub that I apply after cleansing twice a week to elimnate dead skin and offer it a deep but gentle clean resulting in a much clearer and more glowing skin. The other is the coconut honey mask to soften my skin. This one makes my skin feel completley moisturized and so soft I could use it every day its just that amazing. Honey is its main ingredient and it includes vitamin c, b vitamins and amino acids all of which nourish your skin from the inside out. I leave it on my face for at least 15 mins for deep penetration making it more toned, smooth and soft. Use it while having a bath/shower when your skin is already warm and the results are even more sensational.

Anne Marie Gianni is currently offering a sample kit for $10 online and you get a $10 coupon for your first order and a very informative ebook “Toxic Free Home Guide” (150 pages/24.95 value) and they’ll ship for free worldwide with this offer. What’s not to love about that! I have included her link for your convenience at bottom of this blog. And while you’re there I encourage you to watch her brief video about why she decided to create these gorgeous products. It’s very informative about what we put on lour skin and well worth watching! These beautiful, organic and wild crafted products are worth the small investment to ensure your beauty routine is not harmful and is extremely effective. I have always been a fan of organic products but now more than ever as alot of companies sadly seem to care less about what is going into their products. Ann Marie Gianni and her team make sure they use the hghest organic level possible and are doing their part to help us all.

There is also a mineral makeup range that is well worth a look and when you purchase the trial offer for $20 you get another $10 coupon to go towards your order. It’s a great bonus and the makeup is light and has a lovely coverage while being good for your skin.

Thankyou AMG, you’re my kind of company, teaching and providing people with products and information about beauty from the inside out. I’ll do my best to tell as many as possible about your honest~wild~beautiful products!!!!!!





Recently I began a new addition to my “Image” brand and started blogging for companies, products, places and people I believe have what “Image” is all about, taking care of yourself from the inside out (spirit, soul and body). Over the past few years I’ve been approached by many about blogging for them and I knew once my initial books were complete I would add this to “Image”. I’m careful to choose only those I know deliver what I believe and can feature from a truthful perspective. I will share them here on my Image blog (some vlogs), social media platforms and ImageTV.us. I’m very excited about this new Image venture and look forward to sharing with you some amazing finds. So with all of that said ….. my first blog choice is a completely organic skincare range called Zk’in (pronounced skin) and it’s all Australian. And I love the phrase they use repeatedly in their advertising, honest beauty. They are honest about their certified organic ingredients and I can honestly say they are outstanding and naturally enrich, hydrate and replenish my skin. There are no parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals found in them and you can rest assured knowing they are also free from toxins and synthetic ingredients. Nothing unnatural and certified organic. Another important image feature of these beautiful products is that they embrace nature and beauty from the inside out. The product range is for every stage  of a womens life and every skin type. Zk’in’s use of the very best green science, using only natural and organic clinically tested actives to create powerful yet gentle products for all ages is phenominal. Creator and CEO Grace Culhaci was on a mission to create organic skincare so her customers could trust what they were putting on their skin. She developed a range that has been given the COSMOS organic certification (the new global organic cosmetic standard). In fact the Z in Zk’in is in reference to her zero tolerance policy for any unnatural ingredients. She has created a brand dedicated to safety, honesty and integrity while still delivering incredible results. An honest beauty from honest products….honestly!

My skin type is normal to dry so I use the Zk’in products best suitable for my issues. First the gorgeous “Softening Cream Cleaner” that softens my skin and removes easily and effectively any makeup. It’s main ingredient is Rosehip Oil and it nourishes and gives my skin a lovely suppleness while it always feel residue free after I’ve used it. Honestly Clean! Next the “Hydrating Mist” (toner) that targets UV damage and reactivates radiance. This can be used on sensitive, normal or dry skin. After using this my skin feels balanced and refreshed. It combines aloe vera and an organic potent active ingredient which helps fight UV damage and improves skin moisturisation. And it does! Next in my Zk’in skin beauty regime is the “Rejuvenating Moisturizer” to smooth wrinkles and enhance my skins appearance. It also increases my skins elasticity and hydration and includes an organic Brown Seaweed extract clinically tested to reduce wrinkles and improve the skins appearance by up to 68%. I couldn’t agree more. It does what it says and then some. After using this morning and night my normally dry skin feels deeply moisturized. The two extra products I use came highly recomended and they lived up to their recomendation. The “Line Smoothing Serum” (natures answer to injectables) for all skin types is so effective. I use it on my foreward, eyes and neck and have seen visible skin smoothing results and I love that I can  use it as an eye wrinkle serum too. Bonus! The Gatuline Expression, an extract of the Paracress plant of Madagascar works as an active similarly to injectables but is safe and non toxic. I use it under makeup to smooth lines, it works really well and doesn’t leave any residue and absorbs quickly so it’s perfect. The last product is my favourite! I’m a little addicted to this one. It’s the “Brightening and Hydrating Masque”, it enhances my complexion and smooths my skin. It can be used on sensitive, normal or dry skin and simply said is wonderful. I use it twice a week for ten minutes on a Zk’in clean skin and it produces amazing results. My skin is firmer, brighter,  smoother and has improved its elasticity by almost 70% from it. The main ingredient is an organic cocoa with unique antioxidants to smooth skin and improve circulation that brightens complexions while the aloe vera in it increases moisturization. Brown Seaweed from the pristine Tasmanian waters impedes skins breakdown while preserving natural collagen to enhance overall skins appearance. This product is skin changing and it smells like chocolate and there’s nothing bad about that!

Well by now I’m sure you know I’ve fallen madly in love with these beautful, certified organic, made in Australia, vegan, and not tested on animal products. I believe what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat. Zk’in takes care of your skin from the outside in and the inside out. Since using it my skin hasn’t looked or felt this good in years. Glorious! And I love that I don’t have to worry about any bad toxins or anything unnatural going into my skin. The range is extensive and innovative and its cost is a little higher than some and a lot less than others considering the ingredients found in the products ($20/60). They give free shipping throughout Australia and for my subscribers and followers worlwide they will ship anywhere.

Zk’in skincare and me are a perfect match. I’m in love!!!!!! www.zkinorganics.com.au

Until next time be kind to one another and be all you were intended to be,

LOVE Kerrie x